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Qilin's Research Group
Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Group Members


Qilin Li

  Principle Investigator, Associate Professor  
  Michael Liga
Investigating the application of nano sized photocatalysts for virus inactivation in drinking water
  Xiaolei Qu
NOM-C60/carbon nanotube interactions and their impact on sorption/deposition and transport processes in natural aquatic systems
  Jinjian Wu
Membrane synthesis and modification/antimicrobial membranes
Cong Yu
  Cong Yu
Membrane Biofouling Control using biologicla methods
Tianxiao Wang
  Tianxiao Wang
Fate and Transport of nanoparticles in natural aqueous environments
Xuening Li
  Xuening Li
Potential application of D-amino acid in bio-fouling control in membrane filtration processes.
Patricia Coogan
  Patricia Coogan
Fate and Transport of nanoparticles in natural aqueous environments


Research Engineer at Doosan Hydro Technology, Florida )
Environmental Engineer at MWH Research, California)
Director of Division of Research and Developement
  Professor of School of Environment and Energy
  Anhui University of Architecture )
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