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Group Members


Qilin Li

  Principle Investigator, Associate Professor  
  Katherine Zodrow
Photothermal nanocomposite membranes for solar distillation
  Jinjian Wu
Modification of polymer membranes with nanomaterials for improved water treatment
Cong Yu
  Cong Yu
Membrane Biofouling Control using environmentally benign methods
Tianxiao Wang
  Tianxiao Wang
Fate and Transport of nanoparticles in natural aqueous environments
  Jun Kim
Selective removal of multi-valent ions using capacitive deionization
  Jiarui Xu
Membrane modification with graphene oxide for improved flux and energy efficiency in membrane desalination applications
  Guilherme Zin
Membrane surface modification and magnetic field application to improve the performance of membrane separation process in oily wastewater treatment
  Defang Ma
Study of RO membrane fouling by MBR effluents


Engineer at Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, Inc.
Associate professor at Nanjing University, China
Engineer at Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, Inc.
Staff Engineer at ERM (Austin)
Research Engineer at Cameron
Environmental Engineer at MWH Research, California)
Director of Division of Research and Developement
  Professor of School of Environment and Energy
  Anhui University of Architecture )
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