Group members

Group Leader


Qilin Li

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Engineer



Testbed Manager – NEWT

Post Doc


Kuichang Zuo

Nanomaterials for Electrosorption and electrocatalysis

Novel desalination and water purification technologies

Lu Liu

Sustainable Urban food, energy and water infrastructures

Ph.D. students


Jun Kim

Nanomaterials for Electrosorption and electrocatalysis

Xiaochuan Huang

Effect of membrane surface properties on scale formation

Ruikun Xin

Nano-photonic enhanced membrane distillation

Master Students


Manisha Patel

Inactivation of antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes

Ze He

Water desalination with membrane distillation using graphene oxide


Visiting Scholars


Xueying Li

Associate professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Molecular to macro-scale phenomenon in novel cementious and membrane materials

Visiting Students


Qian Xiao

Ph.D. Candidate, Tongji University, China

Electrocatalytic reduction of oxyanions

Ying Yang

Ph.D. Candidate, Sichuan University, China

Removal of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) using photo-catalysis and capacitive deionization (CDI).

Jiao Chen

Ph.D. candidate´╝îTsinghua University, China

Capacitive deionization for effective recovery of organic resources and nutrients from sludge liquors

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